Upper Back Pain

If you are suffering upper back pain, you are certainly not alone! Over 50% of people will experience upper back pain at some stage and it is one of the most common reasons people see a chiropractor.

Our Spinecare Adelaide chiropractors find that up to a third of all people consulting our practices are looking for upper back pain relief!

What is upper back pain?

Upper back pain can also be referred to as mid back pain or thoracic pain. Upper back pain can result from a single movement or take hold slowly after lifting or sitting at a desk over time. However your upper back pain came about, it can certainly affect your ability to work. Upper back pain in its initial stages is referred to as acute upper back pain, sometimes lasting only a few days to a few weeks. Chronic upper back pain develops, when the acute phase is unresolved and the pain lasts longer than 3 months. In the acute stage it’s important to have upper back pain assessed thoroughly to determine the cause and potentially avoid a chronic situation. At the chronic stage, pain can become more consistent and continue to restrict a person’s ability to work, rest in bed or even relax with a quiet book!

Upper Back Pain

What does upper back pain feel like?

Often upper back pain is characterised by a stiff dull ache that affects the area between the shoulder blades or sometimes across the shoulders. On occasion this pain can be sharp and affect someone’s ability to turn, lie in bed or even take a deep breath! When nerve irritation increases, pain can also be referred around the rib cage to the chest. Usually the pain is made worse by certain positions or postures and can be aggravated by certain activities. Often upper back pain is accompanied by neck pain.

Upper Back Pain

What causes upper back pain?

There are many different reasons or stresses that can lead to upper back pain. Some of the most common reasons for upper back pain include; poor posture, scoliosis, degenerative conditions such as arthritis, disc irritations or disc injuries and rib dysfunction. Our Spinecare Adelaide chiropractors find that upper back pain is often a result of repetitive motions or poor posture over time. Whether it is repetitive bending or sitting at a desk all day, these repetitive positions can slowly tighten the upper back area and lead to discomfort. The best way to find out what is causing your upper back pain is to contact your closest Spinecare Adelaide Chiropractic clinic.

Upper Back Pain Causes

How can Spinecare Chiropractic help upper back pain?

While many people look for medication such as pain killers and anti-inflammatories when they suffer from upper back pain, these should only be considered as temporary relief. While medication may reduce the symptomatic pain, it does not address the underlying problem.Chiropractic care has consistently been shown to be effective in relieving both upper and lower back pain in the short and long term, by addressing the deeper problems connected to the spine. Spinecare’s Adelaide chiropractors can help by firstly providing a thorough spinal examination to determine the cause of your upper back pain in Your Initial Consultation.

Once the cause is determined, our Adelaide chiropractor’s can sit down and explain your findings to you in Your Report of Findings. Our chiropractor’s will recommend a course of care and outline their expectations before beginning any treatment.Chiropractic prides itself on providing safe, professional and painless treatment for upper back pain relief. As well as our work in the clinic, our chiropractors may also provide advice, stretches or exercises to speed up your recovery and reduce the chance of future relapses.

Upper Back Pain Relief