Chiropractic Technology

Paraspinal Thermal Imaging

Paraspinal thermal imaging detects temperature differences in your spine down to 1/100th of a degree celsius. This assists our Spinecare chiropractors to detect and identify even the smallest areas of spinal nerve interference caused by spinal dysfunction.

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Paraspinal Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Modern X-Ray Unit

X-ray and radiology have been an integral part of chiropractic for over 100 years. The radiology quote: “To see is to know, not to see is to guess,” is the first lesson taught to chiropractic radiology students. Modern chiropractic X-ray technology allows accurate diagnosis, safe and painless chiropractic treatment, detection of spinal damage or disease and early referral to other healthcare providers if and when required. This put’s Spinecare’s Adelaide chiropractors in a position to provide safer and more effective spinal health care.

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Chiropractic X-Ray Imaging

X-Ray Unit

Modern Chiropractic Treatment Tables

Chiropractic drop piece tables have been in use for over 60 years since first applied to world war 2 veterans returning with spinal injuries. The modern day version of those early tables allows our Spinecare Chiropractors to safely and painlessly adjust your spine and restore your health to it’s maximum potential.

Thompson Drop Table