Spinecare Chiropractors Frequently Asked Questions

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Chiropractic (translated ‘to do by hand’) was founded over 100 years ago in the United States as a natural, safe and effective way to improve your overall body function and health. It is based on the scientific fact that your body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism, which given the right environment, has the ability to be healthy and function optimally.

Almost all your bodies functions are controlled by your brain, via your spinal cord and nerves. The bones of the spine are called ‘vertebrae’ which protect the communication pathways through the spine for your nerves. If any part of the nervous system is impaired, it may cause changes in the body’s cell’s, tissues and organs.

Chiropractic’s focus is to improve your bodies nervous system function by improving your spinal function. By improving your nervous system function your body can have an improved environment in which to self heal and self regulate. By creating better function we are increasing your health potential and allowing your body to work at a more optimal level.

A chiropractors responsibility is to assess and improve your spinal and nervous system function. Your chiropractor will assess your spine specifically for restrictions in spinal motion and determine whether this may be affecting your nervous system. If these restrictions occur a chiropractors goal is to restore optimal movement and function to that area, thereby allowing optimal nervous system control and a greater health status.
Your spine is one of the most important structures in your body. Your spine is the casing and framework for your spinal cord, which runs down from your brain through your spine. It’s your spinal cord that gives rise to your spinal nerves. It’s these spinal nerves that travel out to your body and control your muscles, organs and tissues. Your spine is made up of 24 bones called ‘vertebra’ with 23 discs in between. Your spinal discs act shock absorbers and are right next to the 31 pairs of nerves that exit the spine and relay all the information to and from our brain.
A chiropractic adjustment is what chiropractors do when they are treating your spine. When a chiropractor by hand, or by other certain techniques improve the movement within your spinal vertebrae or structures, it is referred to as an ‘adjustment’ of your spine.
Some chiropractic techniques but not all, produce a small popping sound when adjusted. As your chiropractor skilfully provides an adjustment, small joint surfaces along the back of your spine are moved slightly. This movement creates a change in pressure inside the joint surface. This quick change in pressure causes the pop or click that you hear. It works in a similar way as when a balloon pops. When the pressure changes quickly inside the balloon when the balloon bursts, a popping noise is heard. Some people may believe it’s your bones that create the noise but in fact, they never actually touch!

Yes extremely safe. There are very few reported cases of serious injury associated with chiropractic care in the history of our profession. There are some, but the vast majority of cases reported over the last 100 years have been from other practitioners who are not chiropractors. These are often reported as ‘chiropractic techniques’ and unfortunately chiropractic get’s the blame!

Doctors of chiropractic study at university for a minimum of five years and are taught thoroughly how to care for the spine safely. Our chiropractors also undertake postgraduate courses, seminars and studies where we are kept up to date on the latest in safety research and practise.

I would challenge anyone to find a more thorough and complete chiropractic assessment compared to our standard at Spinecare Chiropractic. When spinal x-rays and thermal imaging are added to range of motion, orthopaedic and postural assessments, our chiropractic care is safer than ever!

To put this in relative perspective, the chance of suffering a serious incident from a chiropractic adjustment is 250 times less than the chances of suffering a serious incident from taking an Aspirin! It’s actually more likely to be struck by lightning than have a serious problem from visiting a chiropractor! With this kind of safety you can rest assured – you’re in secure hands with our Spinecare chiropractors.

After the initial consultation and examination over 30-40 minutes, your report of findings and first adjustment over 30-40 minutes, your subsequent chiropractic care visits may vary in length. Typically our visits are booked according to your individual requirements and therefore vary accordingly. At your report of findings when you are clear about what chiropractic care you require, your chiropractor will be able more accurately determine the length of your visits. As chiropractors focus on the spine and less on the muscular system, our visits tend to take as long as muscular based therapies.

The term ‘subluxation’ is a term used frequently by chiropractors. It refers to the areas of the spine where we have found restriction and dysfunction which may or may not be leading to nervous system dysfunction. Our Spinecare chiropractors often use the term ‘restricted or jammed joints’ to more easily explain what subluxation means.

An interesting fact is that there is also a medical subluxation too! A medical subluxation is defined as a, ‘partial or total dislocation of a joint’. Chiropractors use the same term but of course instead of meaning dislocated spines, chiropractors are referring to the restriction or change in spinal joint motion.

The most common reasons why people visit our Spinecare chiropractors initially is for back pain, neck pain and headaches. When pain is present this is by far the biggest clue that your spinal function is at a reduced level. However, what our chiropractors find is that your spinal dysfunction can be present for long periods of time before symptoms appear. Symptoms are often the last and not the first sign that subluxations are present. Often we find that your subluxations can be present since early age and can often be traced to trauma’s or accidents that have happened in the past.

If you weren’t already aware our Spinecare chiropractors frequently look after babies and children in our practices. Just like adults, our babies and kids can have spinal and nervous system dysfunction. The birth process as well as repeated falls are common reasons why changes may occur.

The way to know exactly how your spine and nervous system is functioning is to have a thorough assessment by your Spinecare chiropractor.

Absolutely yes! Our Spinecare chiropractors see many people who have had various spinal surgeries in the past. During your initial consultation our chiropractors will assess your spine thoroughly and determine what care is appropriate for you. Our chiropractors have many different chiropractic techniques available so that a lower force and pressure technique can be used if required.
Chiropractic care is a natural, non invasive and conservative solution to spinal dysfunction, nerve irritation and pain. In many cases when this approach is tried first and invasive surgical intervention is used a last resort, spinal surgery can often be avoided.
Every person is different and no two spines are the same! As a result, your recommendations for your chiropractic care will change according to your specific findings, changes and improvements. In the initial stages when your spine is in need of most change, your visits are likely to be more frequent. As your chiropractic care continues and your spine improves and corrects, the frequency will likely decrease.

Babies & Children Recent statistics tell us that millions of visits to chiropractors across the globe each year are for babies and children. In Australia we are lucky that our chiropractors are not only trained but covered under law to fully assess people from all ages and walks of life.

A chiropractors focus is to thoroughly assess a baby or child’s spine, nervous system and neurological development. A baby or child’s examinations may differ from adults as it will be more focused on their age group.

The techniques our chiropractors use to adjust babies or children maybe different from adults and tailored to their age group. Babies and children are extremely safe to have chiropractic care and our chiropractor’s provide a warm and friendly environment to do so.

The Elderly

Whether you are 1 day, 1 year or 1 hundred years young, you can certainly have chiropractic care to improve your health! Your Spinecare chiropractor will examine you carefully and thoroughly during your initial consultation. Very commonly in the elderly we find degenerative changes and arthritis throughout your spine. The good news is that it doesn’t matter how much or how little ‘wear and tear’ you have in your spine, chiropractic is still gentle, effective and can help you to improve your spinal and nervous system function.

Athletes and Sports Men and Women

A huge number of world class athletes in the world today benefit from a better functioning spine and nervous system. There are 2 major ways in which chiropractic can help an athlete. The first main reason is too improve athletic performance. Ensuring your nervous system is functioning at its peak when training or competing, gives your body the maximum chance to perform at it’s optimal level. The second main reason is injury prevention. Again, if your spine and particularly nervous system is functioning at a better level, reaction times, reflexes and muscular contraction and release may prevent unnecessary injuries.

This varies considerably from case to case. Initially you will get some recommendations for your chiropractic care at your report of findings. Some people choose to use chiropractic care on a symptomatic basis only. Some people choose to achieve a higher level of spinal and nervous system function, which most commonly progresses further over time. Once a higher level is achieved, many people decide to include chiropractic care as part of their overall healthcare regime on an ongoing basis. This varies on frequency depending on your individual preference or need.
We have a saying in Spinecare, ‘no two spines are the same!’ Our Spinecare chiropractors may use very similar techniques on the majority of people in our practice. However, our chiropractors have a broad spectrum of ways to work with you to gain the best possible improvement we can.
All Spinecare chiropractors are registered professionals who must meet high government standards to attain and maintain the right to practise. They must complete a minimum five years university at an accredited college. Chiropractors who study in Australia, attain a double bachelor degree in health sciences and chiropractic study.