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    Our Chiropractors are didicated to providing professional and attentive chiropractiv care for you and your family.


Spinecare Chiropractic has 4 locations across Adelaide, spreading your access to our Spinecare clinics. Extended hours before and after work allows your appointments to be booked at convenient times.

Our Staff

All Spinecare Adelaide chiropractors are university qualified and pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of your spine, body and nervous system. All our chiros are extremely personable and friendly.


The latest chiropractic tables, in-house x-ray service, paraspinal thermal imaging as well as examination and treatment technologies ensure your ongoing analysis, improvement and health.

Welcome to Spinecare Chiropractors Adelaide

hayden belle
Dr. Hayden Belle
Adelaide Chiropractor

Spinecare’s chiropractors are dedicated to providing professional and attentive chiropractic care for you and your family. Your Spinecare chiros understand that being healthy is more than just getting relief, it’s an overall feeling of wellbeing and being able to live the life you desire.

Our advanced practices include the latest technology in examination and assessment, spinal correction and prevention. Our emphasis is to not only reduce your aches and pains but to help improve your overall spine and nervous system function.

You can visit one of our local chiropractors with confidence, from our informative and university educated staff, to the latest methods and technologies and the welcoming and friendly support staff in our clinics. And our chiropractors are located in several convenient locations around Adelaide.

We offer a thorough examination and assessment, a welcoming and professional environment, convenient hours, state of the art equipment and a meticulous care for your health needs.


Meet the people at Spinecare Chiropractic

9 good reasons you should try us:

SAFE Scientific Spinecare is far safer than taking anti-inflammatories or pain killers.

PAINLESS Our modern day adjusting tables ensure our Spinecare is delivered painlessly.

INDIVIDUAL Whether your one day young or 100 years old your Spinecare is individualised to your specific needs.

NATURAL With no invasive procedures your Spinecare is free from many side effects such as infections, allergies or adverse drug reactions.

ESSENTIAL For a better body, better health and better life, Spinecare is vital to restoring your optimal nervous system function.

COMPETENCE Trust in Spinecare Chiropractic as all our practitioners are University qualified and Government licensed.

AFFORDABLE Your Spinecare is focused on what is required, not too little and not too much.

RESULTS Results may come quickly and easily or it may be a longer journey. Spinecare Chiropractic will outline their care and expectations right from the start.

EASY Your return to health with Spinecare will be an easy, pleasant and rewarding journey.